Hello fae and all who love them!

The Faerie Escape: Atlanta program book is here!!!

You can also get it for free via Guidebook:

Update: The hotel extended our low room rate until the convention, so you can still book a room for $69! http://www.faeatlanta.com/hotel/

Join us for three days of conversation, creation and celebration as we explore the fairy tales of old and the fae of today. Faerie Escape: Atlanta (we don’t mind if you call it Fairy Escape) brings together an expo hall of all that is beautiful in faedom; sessions by leading scholars on mythology and fairy tales; workshops on costuming, faerie houses, wing making and more; and parties for fae from the wild and from the urban jungle.

What: Faerie Escape: Atlanta

When: June 15 – 17

Where: Doubletree Hotel NW Atlanta

Sponsors: The Mythic Imagination Institute, the Phoenix and Dragon bookstore,  Holistic Design, Inc., Teacup Dreams

Guests: Candace Apple, Lindsay Archer, Charlotte Babb, Bill Bridges, John Bridges, Honora Foah, Ted Friedman, Andrew Greenberg, Carrie Anne Hunt, IK the Troll, Barbara Friend Ish, Dea Mozingo, Renee Newsom, Courtney Lytle, Tammy Pryce, Blake Sorensen, Lisa Stock, and more

$39 in advance, $45 at the door

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Stardust at the Plaza June 14

Join us the night before the Escape for the Mythic Imagination Institute’s showing of Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess’ “Stardust!” Taken from the book by Gaimen and our own beloved Charles Vess, Stardust is beautiful and scary, funny and a lot of fun on an early summer evening.

After the film, we will have a conversation with Faerie Escape guest Lisa Stock. You can find more info here: www.mythicimagination.org/home/mythic-movies-stardust-2/

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Faerie Escape, Fairy Escape, Fairy Escapades

I find myself often asked why we are putting on a convention about faeries and fairy tales. I think this short blog entry sums up my thoughts on the subject: http://andrewgreenberg.livejournal.com/37123.html

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Gaming at the Escape

One thing people asked for in 2010 was some gaming at the Escape, so we have lined up some fun additions.

Friday, June 15, 8 pm and Saturday, June 16, 1 pm

Grab a drink at the bar and visit Faerie Haven, a card game from Mushroom Circle Games. Each player tries to build havens using Heroes and Items. The other players use events and attacks to destroy the havens of opponents. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. The “personages” featured in the game come from Arthurian, Celtic, Roman, Nordic and Greek mythology as well as Faerie lore.

Sunday, June 17, 11 am

The Queen of Air and Darkness.

This introductory RPG set in the late Middle Ages sends the characters off to recover a lost child, stolen by the Queen of Air and Darkness. Expect a lively, fast-paced game good for players of any (or no) experience levels.

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Faerie Escape 2010 Video Now on YouTube

Finally getting the video from Faerie Escape: Atlanta 2010 up on Youtube. Here is a great video of Ari Berk and Charles Vess collaborating on a very early fairy tale – collaborating in their own extremely unique way.

IK the Troll and others talk about Second Skins and Chocolate-Covered Children

Ellen Kushner and Eugie Foster on the Incomprehensibility of Faeries and Being Different

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Pre-Registration Only $39

Pre-registration is only $39. It will be $44 at the door. We’re looking forward to you joining us for the Escape!

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Google Checkout is Live!

Hello all,

Google checkout is now functional on the Registration page. Please use one of the large buttons with borders to place your order using Google Checkout. Thanks!

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Advance weekend passes now available!

You may now purchase your weekend passes and vendor booths for Faerie Escape Atlanta 2012! PayPal buttons are on the Registration page. Google checkout coming soon. Watch this space for more information.

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